How Kelp Helps to Improve Hair Health?

How Kelp Helps to Improve Hair Health?

You probably know that seaweed contains a large amount of potassium, sodium and magnesium. It helps to establish intestinal peristalsis and make up for iodine deficiency. It is also good for your hair. What are the sea kelp benefits for hair and how to use it so that the hair was beautiful?

Benefits for Curls

This type of brown algae improves the condition of hair, first of all, because it contains a whole complex of trace elements. Iodine, potassium and iron, which are part of this complex, moisturize the scalp and avoid the appearance of dandruff. When hair is regularly moisturized and enriched with micronutrients, it gets a truly luxurious look. They stop breaking and thinning, gain elasticity and shine.

Application of kelp also stimulates hair growth. Due to the high iodine content, algae improves blood circulation, including in the area of the scalp. The rush of blood to the hair follicles enhances their nutrition and accelerates their development. If you dream of thick and long hair, apply masks with kelp and choose care products with this component.

Similar to nicotinic acid, kelp contains niacin, a substance that activates dormant hair follicles and promotes their active growth. In addition to this growth stimulant, kelp contains choline, which normalizes the sebaceous glands. This substance helps to get rid of oily seborrhea, avoid the effect of dirty hair immediately after washing and make hair shafts strong.

Brown algae also contains a record amount of vitamin C. It has the properties of a natural antioxidant, so it protects your scalp and curls from free radicals. The more actively you use the means, which contain kelp, the longer you can keep a youthful scalp and healthy hair.

How to Use Kelp?

If you want to use kelp to revitalize your hair, look for hair care products based on this ingredient. It is desirable that these products contain the maximum amount of natural components, favorably affecting the condition of the curls. But the synthetic ingredients should be as few as possible. If your hair is weak, dry, or damaged, contact with synthetic substances can be the last straw for your hair, after which its condition worsens.

When looking for kelp care products, pay attention to where in the product’s composition the ingredient is listed. If it is mentioned at the end of the ingredients list, the content of kelp is too low, which means that you will not get the stunning effect of this seaweed. You should give preference to shampoos, masks, conditioners and other cosmetics that list kelp in the first positions. The earlier the ingredient is named, the higher its content is in the product.

Another option for using kelp for hair is to make home masks on its basis. The choice of ingredients for such masks depends on the problem with which the product should cope. If you have slow-growing hair, and you want to quickly grow a plait to the waist, it is enough to add dried kelp and water to the mask. If your goal is to strengthen weakened locks, it is better to take powdered kelp and mix it with colorless henna.

Recipes of Effective Home Remedies Based on Algae

If you have oily hair, and you observe a loss of volume in a few hours after washing, pay attention to the tincture to regulate the sebaceous glands. Its main ingredient is dried kelp.

Before using, the algae should be thoroughly washed, then pour 100 ml of alcohol and put in a dark room. There, the tincture should stand for about a week, after which it should be filtered so that in the finished product there were no pieces of algae. Mix the strained solution with water. It is enough to add 250 ml of water to the alcoholic tincture. This remedy is used to rinse hair after washing.

For overdried hair, a mask based on crushed kelp is suitable. Turnip oil (2 spoons) is heated in a water bath, then mix it with powdered kelp and leave it for a while in the heat. The mask insists for about 10-15 minutes, after which it must be applied evenly from roots to ends. When the application is finished, the hair is carefully gathered under a cap, the head is carefully wrapped and waited for about 1 hour. After this time, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed to remove the remains of crushed kelp and oil. You can use this mask every week. After the first use, the hair will become softer, will gain shine and will look healthier.

If your hair needs to be nourished, they will like a mask with honey. For this mask it is necessary to mix dried algae with honey so that you get a thick mass, which is easily applied to the hair. The resulting mixture should be distributed on the entire length of the curls, and then put a cap on them and wrap with a towel. Wash the mask can be removed after 40 minutes. During this time the honey has time to soften the scalp, and trace elements contained in the components of the mask to penetrate into the hair follicles. To remove the rest of the honey is worth using shampoo.

Dreaming of long hair? Start using a tool to accelerate the growth of curls. Hold kelp in hot water for about 5 minutes, strain the decoction and cool it. Soak it in strands, wrap them in cellophane and keep your head warm for 30-40 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Immediately after the procedure your hair will become silky and grow faster. To consolidate the effect, repeat soaking in kelp decoction 2-3 times a week.