Foods That Seriously Age Your Skin

Foods That Seriously Age Your Skin

No matter what cosmetic procedures you do and no matter how masterfully you apply makeup, the condition of your skin will never be perfect if you eat everything. What to omit from your diet for those who want to slow down the aging process.


Does coffee make you age? Coffee has a significant drawback: it dehydrates the body. Fluid loss affects internal organs, but most noticeably it is on the skin, which loses its elasticity due to lack of moisture. Coffee drinkers tend to have dry skin and premature wrinkles. What can you do? Firstly, do not forget that the adult body for normal functioning of internal organs needs at least 2 liters a day of plain, non-carbonated water. Coffee, tea, sodas, juices and soups are not included in the category of “plain water” – it is food. Second, remember the rule, which must be strictly observed: one cup of coffee is equal to 2 glasses of water. Thirdly, in order to preserve youth and beauty, it is better to reduce the consumption of coffee or even refuse it altogether.


The effects of alcohol on the body in principle to the “useful” category is difficult to include. It has a bad effect on the nervous system, and in excessive quantities is destructive for the liver and kidneys, which are responsible for the excretion of toxins.

In addition, various alcoholic beverages provoke dehydration of the skin, which invariably leads to dryness and irritation, as well as edema.


This product is not only bad for the teeth and leads to periodontal disease and tooth decay, but also causes the premature appearance of wrinkles, because it raises blood sugar, while reducing immunity, hence affecting cell regeneration, including skin cells. Sugary drinks inevitably lead to a decrease in collagen production and wrinkles.


Milk is high in calcium and is ideal for children, unless, of course, the child has a history of intolerance to milk proteins, but adults should use it with caution. It is this product that is the main cause of the so-called “milk face”, which is evidenced by the presence of swelling under the eyes, permanently swollen eyelids, spots on the skin. It is proved that the adult body can not fully cope with lactose digestion, which in turn leads to an accumulation of fluid in the intestines and causes edema. Among other things, milk, even in the bag and powdered, contains a large amount of hormones, similar in their properties to female sex hormones, so provokes the appearance of inflammation and pimples on the skin.


Drinking soda means voluntarily provoking the appearance of rashes and dry skin. And because some types of this drink contain caffeine, they dehydrate the body.


To begin with, the most harmful varieties of meat are still red: beef, pork, lamb, etc. Not only that all the meat we buy in supermarkets is stuffed at the factories with different chemicals, but also the use of red varieties leads to the formation of free radicals in the body, which just influence the aging process, inevitably bringing it closer. And fried meat is also harmful because during the cooking process toxic substances are released, which poison the body from the inside, and this, in turn, leads to skin allergies and rashes.


White bread – fast carbohydrates, which are bad for the figure. Also, flour products are not digested by our intestines and lead to digestive problems. And digestion and skin health are interrelated.


Food additives, sodium glutamate, salt, anti-caking agents and coloring agents are not the full ingredients in sausage products. In addition a little meat with all the ensuing fats, and you can not wonder why your face appeared pimple, rash, wrinkles or something else.


Some say spicy food is good for your metabolism, but it’s not good for your skin. If you are prone to the formation of vascular meshes on the face, it is better to refrain from spicy food, as it dilates blood vessels and makes them more noticeable.


First of all, I will tell you what everyone already knows: salt retains fluid. Consequently, it promotes swelling and overweight. And it also provokes dark circles under the eyes, because it leads to disruption of local blood circulation, and blood stagnation is always a bruise.